Inside Outside is a short project run through the Encompass Network ( ) giving voice to those who have been involved in the sex industry in Scotland.     Their experiences and thoughts can remain buried in the mainstream press and drowned out on social media.

This project gives them the space to tell their stories.    The project will run for 6 months from August 2016 – April 2017 when we hope their words and photos will be viewed by wider audiences across Scotland.

Through Encompass, we will interview women, support them to tell their stories through photography.  There will be an exhibition early next year and we hope different areas across Scotland will host the works and highlight the reality of what it is like being Inside Outside the sex industry in Scotland.

We hope this blog will track the journey of the project.



All comments to the blog will be moderated before publishing.  We reserve the right to moderate them and may not publish if we feel they are not in the spirit of the overall project and work.