It’s been a while.  Have you missed us?

It may seem as if we have been very quiet of late and yep, in this blog we have.  There are about 7 draft blog posts waiting to be finished and posted and they will be.  One day very soon.

We have been trying to catch our breath, regroup and refocus for the year ahead.  I have the main evaluation report squawking at me everyday to finish it.  there is so much to capture and share that it is proving a more mammoth task than I planned.  I need a few days locked away in a quiet room or a drafty attic to give it the focus it needs.

We have been busy though – following up on all the requests to meet and talk through the exhibitions and getting he plans and calendar sorted for taking the women’s work and voices out there.

We will be back with you very soon.  Promise……………………………