Its funny how our lives can move in circles and we never know when paths can cross.

I received a facebook message from an old colleague who had read about Inside Outside and wanted to find out more and see if there was a way he could bring it to audiences in another part of the UK.

Without even having to think about it – I said yes.  Of course I said yes.  I have no right to turn down an opportunity for the women’s words and works to reach even more people.  It is all down to practicalities and plans now but knowing him – I am sure we can pull off something pretty exciting and worthy of the women.

I first met him many years ago, too many to type!  I was a young relatively inexperienced idealogical hot head who suddenly had responsibility for leading a peer education project with a team in existence, that I inherited when the previous lead left.  I look back at that project with great fondness, pride with a healthy dose of embarrassment thrown into the mix.  I made many mistakes but also learnt so much.

This young man stood out from the first time I met him.  He had passion and drive and a belief that things could be better in his area and for people.  I think I may have offended him because I instantly thought he should be moving on from the project.  It was not that I didn’t want him to stay nor believe that he couldn’t do the job.  It was because I knew he would very soon outgrow what I / we could offer and he should be on another path.

He is well down that path (and many others) in the 14 or so years since I have seen him and now has a key / lead role in his specialist area of work.   I am so pleased he saw the potential in the Inside Outside work and how it could help inform others in his field.  The power of real lived experiences and art together.

being selfish – I am also pleased to get the chance to work with him on a whole new experience.

A positive and heartening way to start a damp and dull Tuesday and here’s to #insideoutsideNI.  😉