(photo by Wendy 2017)

from Wendy’s story –

“Prostitution happens. It’s more common than people think, and it is on their doorstep whether they like it or not. They think it doesn’t affect these wee, quaint towns. Ye kiddin’? I know where it happens here.

I’ve been in services for years and whenever you discuss workin’ the streets, people don’t want to speak about it, don’t want to hear it, they don’t want to know. People are supposed to be able to deal with this kinda thing but they’re shuttin’ down on and tryin’ to get you to discuss other stuff that has no significance whatsoever to where you are. It just makes ‘em so uncomfortable, you can see that they think it’s dirty, it’s appalling, it’s disgraceful. It’s filthy and it’s wrong.

People need to talk about it and women need to be allowed to tell it like it is. It might be unpleasant but these girls need to speak to somebody to deal wi’ the demons, the scars and the wounds and the dirt.

That silencing is like a gag.”