The wonderful Anni Donaldson from Equally Safe in Higher Education at Strathclyde was a main mover and shaker in getting Inside Outside to Strathclyde University last week.

We joked together that the next time we come up with an idea on a train journey home, we should put the brakes on.  Or maybe not.   It is a good example of people sharing a vision, a focus and a belief that a piece of work can be done, and done well.

We thank you Anni for your energy and committment to the project and of course for introducing us to the lovely Kelly who helped keep it all on track.

In her speech at the launch, Anni drew upon her background as a historian to shed some light on the background and history to approaches within Glasgow to prostitution – “the Glasgow system.”  She has written a great review of Louise Settle’s book “Sex for sale in Scotland”

louise settle

“Prostitution is described as the oldest ‘profession’ but its roots lie in one of the world’s oldest oppressions – women’s. ‘Profession’ implies choice. While its academic purpose is clear and important, the glimpses this book provides into the life of women is where it shines while debunking the myth of free choice by so-called ‘happy hookers’.  Early twentieth-century Scotland blamed the women for making bad choices yet failed to address the harm it caused or why men wanted to rent their bodies in the first place. Abuse victims or free agents? Probably both.  Prostitution was indeed a ‘choice’ for women desperately short of options; while dance clubs and brothels may have been preferable to the street, women often made the best of it despite the risks.  This complicated clandestine world was challenging to police. Women were ill-served by an unequal society which targeted them for being the wrong kind of woman whilst turning a blind eye to the men who paid for sex with them.”


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