katie blog pic june 17

Recently I have learnt to look at my story in a whole new light! I may not be proud of the things I have done and the paths I have walked. There have definitely been detours or scenic routes in my life. Many scenes I do not want to see again, but I was told this “There’s nothing wrong with your past as long as you’re a better person now and having something like that to remind you of what has been will keep your mind focused on what’s on ahead.”

Today has been an especially powerful and emotional day! I went to Dundee to see the project in all of its beauty! And wow what a powerful thing it is to see!

Quite surreal actually, no one knowing who I am and that my pictures are on that wall. My story is in that book you’re going to read.

Linda’s speech was very moving and at a few moments during it I could feel myself tearing up! Both Linda and Kathryn have been a fantastic inspiration and support for me, putting my parts together for this project and I cannot thank them enough! I truly believe if it was not for the project I would not be where I am today striding forward to a positive future!

If you have not been to see the project face to face please do. It is such an amazing and unique experience.


Katie x