This is it.  The big week and big day have finally arrived.



We launch in 2 places this week – the foyer at Dalhousie Building, University of Dundee and the Insight Gallery at the Collins Building at Strathclyde University.

There has been a flurry of activity for the past few weeks and especially over the weekend to get set up. The painting of plinths, the hanging of pictures, the measuring and adjusting, the standing back assessing.  Kathryn has been working away with every detail covered and now it is here.

To say we are excited is accurate, to say we are nervous is even truer.

To put yourself forward for scrutiny is an intimidating thing. To offer your work up for viewing is a brave step.

Today, we put ourselves and the women’s work out there for others.  We hope we have done Natalia, Wendy, Katie, Levi, Natasha, Sarah Jane and Joanne proud.


We have also been getting ready for Glasgow in Strathclyde University.  It’s a whole different exhibition with more areas and items, all focusing on the realities inside the sex industry.  We will have only 3.5 hours for install which will be a …challenge.

Ahead of that – a Friday evening was spent with 200 masks and getting them ready.  Who’d have thought piercing them could be such a relaxing experience.   It was quite surreal to see them slowly stacking up, one on top of the other, layer  upon layer to create a whole different perspective.


It made me think of a conversation with a support worker last week who talked about how each and every day women are advertised online, with new faces being brought into cities across Scotland.  It made me think of Levi saying that No, punters don’t know her, know nothing about her and Katie saying that when you are new, everyone wants a piece of you bit of you the “fresh meat” ( her words).

The conveyer belt that is the sex industry.