Boundaries are funny things.

We have boundaries in everything we do.  Sometimes we stick to them, sometimes push them and sometimes smash through them spectacularly!

Throughout my time within the sex industry I have always had my boundaries set and have been strong minded (hard faced to some people) to stick to them.

When new girls start that was always my first thing to say to them “Have your boundaries set, customers try to push them to break you! This job is hard enough without having to do stuff that you are not comfortable with just to please a person who doesn’t care the slightest for you or your well being!”

As Linda has previously blogged about there was supposed to be an interview with a radio station and yet again we’re back to boundaries.

These ‘professional’ people who have read our stories and apparently understand and respect us with our choice to speak out through the project want to push to get the juicey gorey details to what they thought I should speak on. They clearly didn’t get the memo that this project is not about them it is about the women!

I’m so proud of the fact both myself and Linda stood our ground.

End of the day it is their loss!

Thankyou for continuing to read our blog and follow our stories!


Katie x