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Its hard to tell your story and put it out for public view and scrutiny.

Its not always safe, as you never know quite how people will react and in the heady days of social media – there is nearly always some form of a backlash.

I still chant “Do NOT read the comments” when any piece I have been involved in goes out in the media and deliberately avoid certain corners of twitter and the toxic rabbit holes created.

One of the reasons why we developed Inside Outside was to find a SAFE way for women to tell of their experiences and realities inside and outside of the sex industry.  Ways in which they could be truthful and honest and feel in control to share what they wanted, when they wanted.  We have worked long and hard to preserve their anonymity whilst still giving them the freedom to have an ongoing input.   This blog has been one way, their photos another and of course the book with their stories.

Isn’t it ironic that this isn’t enough.

I have been linking with one popular Scottish programme listened to by many many people every day, to do a feature about Inside Outside.  Talks had been underway on and off for 3 months and I was always clear and upfront that the women had to be at the heart of this all.  They should be able to choose what they would answer and it shouldn’t be a live interview as they should have the control over it. Katie and myself had drawn the boundaries around what would happen and felt good to go.

Sadly the planned feature has now been pulled as they want a live interview and to ask what they want about her time Inside the sex industry. Apparently “the item wouldn’t stand without someone talking in a personal capacity.”   She was going to talk in a personal capacity but obviously not on what THEY wanted her to so it is no longer a goer.  If we were to go with what they wanted- then fine, a show would be made.

As Katie said – “I think we should pull out.  That’s delving too deep.   They are clearly not clued in to the fact that being inside the sex industry is a traumatic experience thousands of women and men go through – its not like reading a made up story in a book.  Very thoughtless of them really.”

So the control is back with us and I am glad we would not bend to their wishes.  As I said to Katie – “It’s their loss”

No doubt there will be yet another programme on very soon extolling the positive aspects of the sex industry featuring the same voices and stories heard many times before.

It is a shame for Katie and for the other women.   Their precious minutes in the media wont happen or at least wont happen at the moment.  There are other talks underway with other outlets and hopefully the people involved there will take on board just how hard it is to speak out and have your story heard.