This has been an exciting couple of weeks for Inside Outside.

Katie and Natalia will be helping out with looking after the photos and will be part of the installation teams at 2 of our big exhibitions this month.   It will be great to have them on board and see them getting involved in this part of the project.   I know Natalia will make sure it is all clean and finger print free as she is much more meticulous than myself!

I have been all over the country talking about the project and planning a schedule of exhibitions.  It gonnae be a busy year folks!


I had a great  meeting in Perth with lots of exciting plans.  we will keep you up to date as they progress and I have no doubt #insideoutsideperth will have an impact in that area with the committed and skilled women who want to take it forward.  when we looked through the photos, the whole atmosphere changed.  There is something incredibly powerful about actually seeing the photos and being able to focus on them, look closely and notice new things that you don’t always pick up when seeing them online.

I also travelled down to the borders, arriving somewhat late.  A combination of making the mistake of going into the office first thing, getting lost in the swamp of emails and scotrail running off schedule.  As I scurried through Glasgow in the vain attempt to catch the 7.45 train, I passed this mural.    A flash of colour in a side street.


My train journey passed as I listened to the recording of the conversation I had with Wendy.  As I listened to her, I could see her sat curled on the sofa with a mug of tea in her hands.   I could recall her gestures and body language and how certain parts of her story pushed her down whilst others lifted her.  I could remember her bright eyes with flashes of anger and narrowing with confusion.   It seemed right to be sitting on my own, giving her that undivided time.    Wendy and Kathryn are meeting to take her photos.  How exciting is it to be waiting to see what this clever, funny and warm woman will come up with!  She loves butterflies so Wendy – this photo is for you as you open up and find another voice.


My delayed journey worked out well though as I met a wonderful taxi driver and told her all about the project – she is now an ally in the borders and it proved the power of connections!   It really strikes me through this project that whilst the women live with and have to somehow manage the stigma they can feel and experience, many many many other people are completely on their side.

When I arrived into the meeting – there was a buzz in the room and they had been hard at the chatting with pages of ideas for #insideoutsideborders.   It felt like Kathryn was present in the room 🙂  It was really exciting to be part of it and the warmth and positivity around doing credit to the work of the women was inspiring.    There was a sense that whatever was planned in the Borders area had to be of quality and value.  Yet again – no half measures for Levi, Natalia, Natasha, Katie, Sarah Jane,  Joanne and Wendy.

Yesterday was another day and yet another discussion about #insideoutsidestrathclyde.   We will be bringing the women’s voices to Glasgow on the 22nd and 23rd of June.   There will be a lot happening over the 2 days and whilst I am filled with excitement, there are also nerves as we want to make sure everything is thought of and considered.  Kathryn wont be with the project over those 2 days as she will be minding the Exhibition in Dundee so this will be a new experience.  There are people coming forward to volunteer to help out so a whole new set of people connecting with us.   Who knows all that will be added by their skills and experiences but that is the nature of this project – opening doors and building links.



The overflowing email inbox has also taken a hit this week with more requests for the women’s work and stories to go to festivals, conferences and events across Scotland and the UK.

There is also interest from very far afield and I mean VERY far away.  All I will say at this stage is how exciting would it be to watch #insideoutsidebrazil develop? 😉