Another day, another train journey.

I head southwards  to meet up with “Wendy”.    I have called her “Janine” on another post but Wendy is her chosen name from here on.    on the train I kept checking my digital recorder (both of them in fact) to make sure the sound levels were fine, there was enough power in them and were fit and ready to capture her story.

The last time we met, I spent the journey home scribbling notes from our conversation to remind me of things that we could possibly explore more if and when she wanted to tell her full story.  I went over them a few times and was excited to see her again.



I went to buy cakes and treats for us and walking through the town I saw this sign.  A sex shop nested nicely with Budds bar and Wee Megs café.

I jumped in a taxi and headed her way.  When I arrived, she was already standing out waiting for me – call it her sixth sense. we got the kettle on and I made friends with her wee dog, whose sniffing at the recorder will be an interesting addition to the transcription!


There was cakes aplenty.  They sat on the coffee table while we talked.  Not one was touched over the course of the 4 hours we spent talking.  That is some feat given my love of a tea cake but we were so focused and engrossed in Wendy’s story that the draw of sugar was forgotten.  We took a break in the middle and sat out in her garden, enjoying the sun and chilling.

I won’t say what we talked about – that is up to Wendy and the next stages of her journey with the project.  I will say she is a pretty incredible woman and I cant wait to work alongside her.  I think you will be amazed by her too.

We parted after 4 hours.  I wanted to walk to the station in the sunshine but didn’t know the route.  Wendy was concerned that I would get lost and she would see me walking past in about another hour looking confused.  I made my way fine and enjoyed a dander along the riverside, thinking about reflections, what appears on the surface and hidden depths.