Hello to all the visitors to our blog!

I am a bit sad.  I admit it.  I love maps and always have done.  I used to spend hours studying atlases and even my dad’s AA road maps fascinated me.    I used to love being appointed his navigator and planning our routes.  A role I took very seriously indeed, plus it meant I got to sit in the passenger seat.

I was in charge on one trip where we drove from Ireland all across Scotland.  (There was a ferry trip as part of that of course, much as I may have wanted a James Bond style aqua terrain vehichle )  I only made one mistake but hey, it was nice to see the Gorbals in Glasgow for the first time.  🙂

Every day I have a look to see where our visitors to this blog are from and how they get here.  It is great to see the amount from the UK  but I get a special thrill when I see all the different  parts of the map highlighted.

We have had visitors from all over Europe, North America, Canada, New Zealand, Brazil, Jamaica, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Australia, Israel and Vietnam.   The list goes on and on…………


It is wonderful to see you here and we hope you had got something out of hearing from Natasha, Katie, Sarah Jane, Joanne, Levi and Natalia.     They have loved hearing that you are coming along and giving them some of your time.

It means a lot,  so thank you.