Kathryn and I have many skills and strong points.

Spelling and grammar are not among them.  This apparently has been pointed out by some folks on twitter about this blog.

I remember writing a piece for my school magazine on the clubs on offer and how pupils could get involved.  Our Senior teacher was not impressed when it was printed and handed out as she was now in charge of the pubic speaking club.  Maybe that is one of the reasons why I became her target for breaching strict uniform regulations?

If my favourite English teacher Mr Parks saw some of my current bloopers, he might question the ipedantnvestment in my education.  Sorry Sir!

I am sure though he would overlook and forgive them and focus more on the work of the project, the values we have striven to maintain and reflect, the impact on the women involved, their stories and experiences and the quality of their work but hey, that’s just the kind of person he is.

If all people can find to criticise about the work is that I have spelt pod casts as pod cats, then I am more than happy.  Plus I like the idea of pod cats – handy to slip into your bag and keep at hand when you need a feline fix.

If there are any typos or errors in this post and / or any other- I remain unapologetic and if you feel the need to point them out – why not be a dear and drop us an email via our contact form.   Thanks.