“Why am I only good enough when I wear nothing?

Why have I never known love but only lustful touching?

Why is sex so empowering, you see through my soul?

Having no value has taken its toll.

Why am I meat sold by the pound?

Why am I yearning to be dead in the round?

Why cant I escape and be free?

Because you locked me up and threw away the key.”

This blog has been written in response to Laura’s poem.

How often have you said, “Has anyone seen my keys?” I recall one morning rooting through the washing machine and finding the afore said in the pocket of the my ‘joggers’.  By a process of elimination I realised that was the only place they could be as the las thing I did was stack the the machine ready for washing the next day,

Keys to open the door to begin a brand new day.  Car keys to get to work to a job I loved doing and had been doing for many years.  Keys to unlock the door, back safely to the comfort of my own home, comfortable, warm and familiar.

I was deeply moved by Laura’s story and applaud her honesty.  To be able to find solace on writing and especially poetry is surely a step to her recovery.

To have suffered such abuse from the age of 14, an age when she should have been giggling with her peers, experimenting with make up, having sleep overs with friends, is beyond belief.

Laura knew nothing of the above.  She yearned to escape and be free from the nightmare that was her life.  But she knew at that time it was impossible.  She tells her abusers why,

“Because you locked me up and threw away the key.”

A powerful message from a brave young girl.