oana freedom.jpg

(photo Natasha 2017)

Life moves on.  For all of us and for the project itself.

Natasha has now left Scotland.   She has headed back to her home country for a fresh start and her new chapters have started.

I learnt so much from her.  I loved her sharp wit, her rapid fire way of talking and starting and ending her sentences with “you know?”   She was always early for any meeting we planned and made sure to be there ready and raring to go.

I think her pictures are gorgeous – she even managed to make a condom filled with a punters cum seem beautiful.  That one in particular has caused quite a reaction and rightly so.  That is the reality of women’s lives and if we shy away from their truths, then all we can ever be is voyeurs, tourists gawping in Amsterdam’s red ‘shop windows.’

She gave so much to this whole project and we will forever be grateful.  She really grasped the opportunities and took it stages further.

Natasha always had an exit planned from inside the sex industry.  She wanted to be in control of her own business, doing what she loved and was skilled at.  Not staying inside the sex industry. She wanted out.

She has found that way and is setting up her home and business.  Well actually – I heard from her yesterday and she is heading off on holiday!  Good on her.

I will miss you Natasha from the next phases of our work but I know you read the blog and keep up to date with where we are and what is happening.  Hopefully you will send us across a blog to let us know what paths your story is now going down.