my journey(photo by Katie 2017)


Well where do I start?! What a whirlwind couple of weeks!

It began very normal rushing around underestimating how long it takes to get your self ready with a toddler.  I ran to the parliament all stressed that I was going to be late to see my own photos, in we go through all the security.  I had a “not going to lie I was nervous I always get stopped at the airport” feeling as we went through.

we walked down to a huge smile and cuddle from the lovely Linda.

Seeing all the ladies photo’s and hearing their individual stories had me holding back tears (we all were) relating to parts of them all.

But the tear jerking didn’t stop there. I was completely shocked and taken aback when not only was I offered mentoring from a woman but also a job. Wow this could be my ‘way out’ my ‘exit’! I can’t believe it’s real?!

The amazing opportunities keep on coming and I cannot thank Linda, Kathryn & my support worker more for having me involved in this fabulous and powerful project.

Well that’s it for me with plenty of meetings and crazy beginnings in the pipeline.

Keep following and supporting the project.