Kathryn has give her thanks and it is only fit that I do too.

This was a pilot project.  The women gave so much that the potential we believed it had, was brought to the fore.  All the women, involved to any degree taught us something that we will take to the next phase of the work.  It was a scary step into the unknown for them and they were brave to go with it .  Thank you for giving us all this opportunity.

If it wasn’t for the Encompass Network agencies and frontline staff – this would never have got off the ground.  They already do amazing work and managed to fit yet more from this project into their load. Sally, Ashleigh, Amy, Lindsey Anne, Fiona and Rhona deserve special mention.

My dear colleague Jan as ever is a steadying rock, who very often has been left in the office holding the fort – dealing with media etc.  She has been a real guide through this project, offering sound advice but also questions which helped me to get my head around certain things.

My team of sub editors -yes lets call them that, of Jemma, Nicole and Cheryl went through the stories as outsiders to the project and to an extent the issues.  They gave really valuable notes and it was interesting to hear how they reacted and why.  Who drew them in and which parts really struck them.

I have known Brian, the designer for nearly 14 years.  I have never known someone who goes above and beyond in everything we have done to the same degree.  I don’t know where he draws his patience from but if it could be bottled – it’d be a lot calmer a world.  Working alongside him on Inside Outside has been no different.   This extends to him taxi-ing and carting the boxes with the 100 gorgeous books through Holyrood on Tuesday.  Lets not forget that each one of these weighs about a kilo.

He also stood with me, and helped remove a chapter from each book.  100 copies and 800 precious pages gone.  On Monday night, one woman decided she wanted her story removed.  She asked and it was done.  She is in control and her story now stays with her.  I still want to thank her for all that she brought to the project and the door is always open.

My thanks of course are due to many more. Kathryn checked some of them in her thanks and hopefully they know that I echo her sentiments.  I know there are many others who wont see their name either in Kathryn’s thanks or here.  Please be assured that Natasha, Natalia, Katie, Levi, Encompass services, Kathryn and myself appreciate all that you done and given.