This was a big day for the project – something we have all been working towards and waiting for.   It feels surreal that we are actually at this point.

We managed to make friends with Holyrood security with our antics getting all the photos and kit into the parliament (never mind actually getting one of the team in.  Lost passport – enough said 😉

It was a quieter day in there, with most MSPs still traveling back from constituencies.  The big announcement was causing a buzz and we almost film bombed some live outside broadcasts.  We saw many familiar MSP faces and I found myself saying “That’s so and so” in a hushed voice after they passed us by.

Lots of them were really interested and many said they would be back to see the women’s photos this week.   It’s so important that they stick to that – to give the Inside Outside women’s stories and work the time they deserve.

No doubt we shall persuade them to come over.

The pictures are hung.

There were a few heart in the mouth moments – I went white as one of the precious frames (thanks Rod the framer for those) nearly tumbled.  There was many standing back and squinting to see if they were straight, if colours balanced, if the patterns made sense moments.  We are probably on about version 25 of the arrangement and if we stayed all night – we would still be at it.

The press were on the phone.  My poor colleague was left behind in the office fielding them and the poor phone reception meant I had many many 1/2 conversations and utterances of “I cant hear you very well”    We hope it gets good coverage tomorrow and that they stick to the principles and integrity we have tried to underpin this work with.  Of course one never knows what spin or slant they will put on it all.

Nor do we know how others will react.

Tomorrow is another day and another part of this project’s journey starts.