A short excerpt from Joanne’s story

“It’s a very lonely place, street prostitution, very lonely and very isolated. I mean you feel kinda on the outside of society because people obviously are seeing you on the street and people know what you’re there for. It’s just not nice… not very nice.

I was out there probably on and off for about seven years at different times. It was so hard to actually break away from it because it’s a means to an end and you just have to do it to get that money for drugs. That’s the only way you know how to get money.

It wasnae easy to be involved in it.

You have to disconnect yourself really from reality to be able to do it. You just have to kind of put your mind into a different place and obviously that goes on to affect you later on.

You don’t have a lot of self-worth in yourself. You don’t value yourself. You don’t value your opinion. You don’t respect yourself. You think very low of yourself.

It takes an awful lot away from you as a person to do it.”