A short excerpt from Natalia’s story


“I started off taking DFs, started smoking my weed and it went fae weed to vallies then heroin. The hard stuff really kicked in when I was 15. That’s when I had to shoplift to get money.

That’s when I also started prostituting.

I was sitting skint, rattling. I was like, “No, I canny rattle.” I had heard being on the street was easy money.   I was sitting wi’ my pals and we got dressed and went doon the road. My friend knew. She’d been down before.

I had never really thought about prostitution before then. I was blind to prostitution I never really planned on doing it then.

That first night? Oh it was scary. Getting in a car and no kenning if you’re going to get oot of it.

I didnae like thinking aboot that time. I cannae really think about it. No. I cannae.”