Well here we are again.  Back to the hustle and bustle of reality, the never ending and ever growing list of things to do. But yet I still find the time to come to my thinking place, the place where everything slows down nearly to a stop just for the short amount of time i’m here.

I’ve been catching up with the blog, Facebook, Instagram and the all round project.

I was so proud and humbled to see the feedback from my previous blog-post which prompted this second post. It’s amazing to see how many people have been following and all so interested in the project and where it is going.

To me it is so empowering that a group of women from all different backgrounds have all been brought together to tell our stories, to one audience that understands us all or is learning to understand us all. I feel it’s a triumph to show that maybe with the right group of people standing strong together and showing great positivity that we  are changing people’s perception of women inside the sex industry.

I hope this change in attitude continues as yes, what we are involved may not be others reality but it is ours and millions of other women and men around the world.