A short excerpt from Sarah-Jane’s story

“I went home and scrubbed myself completely. I think I was in the shower for about two hours but then a few weeks later I did it again and once you’d done it the first time and money was in your hand, the option’s there. I always got dressed, I was clean and I had my make-up and things on. I made decent money. Don’t get me wrong we’ve all had nights where we’ve stood out there and made nothing but generally I made alright money.

I was totally unprepared for that life in prostitution. Completely unprepared. Not a not a clue basically and I think for a long time I was like that. Even though I was always careful and things like that, I wasn’t you know I, I wasn’t prepared at all. I mean I possibly done it for two years before I finally got it together.

It really wasn’t Pretty Women for me. There was never any glamour in it. Never any.”