A short excerpt from Levi’s story

“I was at court one day for shop lifting. I was always up at court at the time, I’m not now but I used to be.

This guy Marty came up to me and said, “I’ll gee ya a lift” so I took the lift.

I ended up seeing him, well, I thought I was seeing him. I sort of was but he must have knew what he was doin’, now that I’m looking back.   I must have had a big light going “ding ding ding” above my head. He must have watched out for me around the court.

I think it’s only now I’m able to look back and think, honestly what a fucking clown. That’s grooming, he just groomed us. He definitely did. I was only just about sixteen and a half. Fuck, he was no far off my dad’s age. Late thirties. So quite a bit older.”