A short excerpt from Natasha’s story……….


“I was with the pimps when I arrived here. I was sent to Aberdeen to a house was full of girls. It was a house with two bedrooms and one living room which was used as a bedroom and inside it had like seven girls and three males.   I didn’t like it and I told one of the guys “Look, I’m not happy to stay here, you know. I need my privacy” and he said, “Okay, I can take you to another town.” I said, “Okay, but is it safer there, is it better?” He told me, “Yes, yes. I have a house there, another girl’s there and there…it has more privacy…..

……….He took me to his other place, another flat where there was two Romanian girls and I stay with them. From the beginning he told me I’ll have my own room where I will sleep, where I will work but again I had to share with the other girls who I didn’t know………

…….When I arrived, he said if I want to go sleep, I must sleep with make-up on and everything be ready. If someone’s calling I have to answer phone even if I’m sleeping. So you kinda have to be available and ready, twenty four hours. All the time. I was like, “Really?” Sometimes I had to wake up and to take the customer straight away, middle of night and early morning.”