As word grows about the project, we have been contacted by lots of people asking if they help out, how can they support it and offering up their time and skills.   This includes Kenny the printer, Rod the framer and Brian the designer.  People want to connect with the work and I think more importantly to support the women, even though they have never met them.

We also have some new women who have been involved in prostitution linking in, asking if they can help with the work or also have their story told.  We always wanted to project to expand and if people wanted to, join us in the journey.

Laura is friends with someone who told her about Inside Outside and she wanted to share part of her story with us as well.

Laura was sexually exploited as a child.  She wrote this poem when she was 14.

She has used writing as her way  of ‘getting it out’ and has only just began to share them.

Thank you Laura.


“Why am I only good enough when I wear nothing?

Why have I never known love but only lustful touching?


Why is sex so empowering, you see through my soul?

Having no value has taken its toll.


Why am I meat sold by the pound?

Why am I yearning to be dead in the round?


Why cant I escape and be free?


Because you locked me up and threw away the key.”