(image – Natasha 2017)

Natasha arrived in Scotland over 2 years ago from her home country.  She has been inside the sex industry here for over 2 years.

We met for a chat / recorded conversation and within moments, she had brought the room alive with her quick fire sentences and emphatic gestures.  She has real insight into the whole dynamics behind this industry and as she said, she quickly realised what the real nature of it was.      She is also very very health conscious, having had a major health scare a few years ago.    She speaks so passionately about the women being in control or trying to stay in control.  In her own story she talks of seeing and hearing what happened to other women and not necessarily being able to do anything to change it for them.

She also talk about customers and how they will push boundaries.   She wrote this piece for the blog after receiving the above text from a customer.

“Let’s start with this disgusting question from someone pathetic, an idiot. This makes me feel sick, like throwing up. This makes me so angry…makes me feel weird and all the other words which I cannot describe.

I’m not sure how someone can ask you do that, I really don’t understand. That person must be stupid or twice stupid.

How can you ask a stranger for that? You’re not thinking how dangerous is that for you and her?? This thing is something you cannot play at.

For all women involved – This situation it makes me cry sometimes because I know there are girls who will not be able to say no and I feel so bad for them.

For them – Don’t let a stranger to take away what is yours…your beautiful life.

Just be careful because your life can end in the same short time it takes you to spend the money you made.

Don’t sell your life. You just have to think we only have 1 life and make sure no one will take that away from you.

There are different ways to live it.”