LEVI #iwearthemaskforyou

I spend an incredible amount of time pondering the world and daydreaming about what ifs. What if we lived in a society that was fundamentally beautiful for everyone?   Everyone was equal.  Everyone lived in a safe home with the Ein Klein Acht Muzic playing gracefully in the background. Imagine your perfect world.  And imagine that everyone in your perfect world was happy, contented, safe and free.

My first real contact with Inside Outside was when Linda was waiting for me at the front of the steps at the Caird Hall.  It was during the Our Wullie take over of Dundee.  My personal favorite at that moment was the Marilyn Monroe  Wullie.  Meeting Linda for the first time was incredible. Linda has the most beautiful face.  I think she has the golden ratio. And is as gallous and as Irish as you get.  Linda is from the North and I am from the South of Ireland.  (My dad’s family are all from Dublin.  So basically if I grew up in Ireland I would be Irish with an Irish accent!) I hang on to this notion that we are both Irish and that’s why we get along so well. 

“there is a small picture of the Virgin on one wall, a large grainy blow-up photo of a smiling young man on the other” (Stage directions from the play Bold Girls by Rona Munro.) 

I believe Linda and I share one major component. We vibrate at the same frequency.  It’s an incredibly high frequency at that.  We are “Bold Girls”.

“Why is it every time when I leave you I’m full of hysteria?” Linda asks.  This hysteria is transitioned when we are talking about the project and our woman.  It pours out of her. We learned early on together that this project had to be beautiful.  Not patronisingly beautiful. 

Genuine beauty. 

We work closely with the women.  The energy is brilliant all the time.  Even when it almost to hard to bare. I take photographs on my phone and edit as we go.  Quietly (what I actually mean, is noisily!) documenting our pockets of time together. Whilst Linda guides and educates, she embraces everything and everyone.

But most of all Linda is the transmitter of ‘good vibrations’

 She told me yesterday something one of the women had said in an interview, ‘the woman were like a row of statues standing in the street.  They had turned to stone inside”

At the start we engaged in emails (carefully constructed ones on both sides).  Now 6 months down the line we communicate every day and often by phone.  A few days ago, I phoned who I thought was Linda at 9:30 a.m.  Expecting Linda to answer I was amused to hear she had been replaced by the one and only Fresh Prince Of Bel Air saying, “Yo yo yo!” in a northern irish accent. I sometimes can’t believe my luck that she is my friend….

Another belter line from Linda would be the, “She is a gem”

I consider myself exceptionally lucky that everyday I’m immersed in photography.  It make me nutty though.  Waves of hyperactivity when shooting then a panic over the post production.  Then these crazy ideas that have to be tamed.  Linda just says, ‘aye crack on” And crack on I do.  I always run my thoughts past Linda first.

“So, I was thinking……”

I WEAR THE MASK FOR YOU!, an exhibition

I have no real idea if this will work.  I have no real idea what people will think.  I’m not actually sure of this.  But in my heart and I’m sure of nothing more.

Now, lets imagine a white space with 100 masks hanging at varying heights.  They float there and they are still there when you are gone.  They are suspended in my studio.

Would you wear the mask? 

Would you visit this white space and find a mask that fits you?

Would you #iwearthemaskforyou and start trending it on social media? 

Would you? 

Sometime in the next 10 days I will install this.  I hope you will come.  Linda is fully behind this and had the 136 mask delivered to me pronto (packs of 6 😉 )

Linda Is Great x

**Linda’s  EDIT – LINDA IS SCUNNDERED BY THIS POST! and Kathryn is the star bar in the title*********