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We wanted to use this blog to share what was happening with the project, what we are learning and finding out – a way for those not involved directly in the project to be welcomed into the process.

As you will have noticed – most of the blog posts so far have been by either Kathryn or myself.   Kathryn especially has discovered her inner blogger, I am not quite there just yet.  I still think of myself as more of a talker than a writer or more aptly – the gift of the gab is more my strong point.  I have a few pieces started but unfinished.   There is something intimidating about putting your inner thoughts and reflections ‘out there’ for scrutiny but if I want to be true to the idea behind Inside Outside, I need to take those steps as well.

We always wanted the women who are Inside Outside to come forward and start writing pieces for it too.  Whilst they are all on social media, they haven’t dipped their toes into blogging as yet.  Some of them share my feelings on writing.

I am so delighted that Katie has taken the plunge.  She has taken the brave step to write her first blog.   I am hopeful she will write many more.


“Hi my name is Katie.  I am involved in the Inside Outside Project

My support worker told me about it.

My first thoughts on the project were that it was different and quite interesting, something I would like to be involved in. I wanted to take part in the project as I always like to try new things and learn new skills along the way.

When I first met Kathryn and Linda I thought they were both very approachable and energetic people, they were both so excited about the project and to work with myself on it. This made me more at ease in working with them on this project/adventure.

So far with the project I have met with Linda first of all to do my interview, she then emailed me my whole interview (oh my gosh it was long). I then read through it and chose the parts of it I would like to use most for the project. We then met again along with Kathryn to work on ideas for images to go with parts of my story. This is when all the practical part came in and Kathryn had us taking pictures of random things around the room and how to edit them.

I got quite into the project from then on. I started taking pictures in my everyday life and surroundings that represent parts of my story and editing them to my liking. I met up with Linda again in a lovely little café. I showed her my pictures so far and we worked on other ideas for other photos. It was great to meet up with Linda and catch up to where we were both at with the project and where it was next going.

I have learnt quite a lot about myself throughout the course of this project so far which I didn’t expect to. I learnt I actually like taking pictures and editing, that I’m arty. That I’m stronger than I thought I was, after going over my story realising how much I have dealt with and overcome and to the fact I’m still here I’m still standing still doing something positive.

I think the idea of getting women to tell their stories in such an individual way and using our minds to create something so beautiful that is going to reach so many people is amazing, and shows why we shouldn’t be ashamed of our stories- they’re our stories.  They have made us who we are.

I cannot wait for the project to be out there for lots of people to see and having it as a reality instead of just talking about it and imagining what it will all look like.

What I would like to see in the future is for more projects like this reaching more women and for them not to be scared of getting involved, that you never know it may open doors for their exit out of the industry if that is what they want for themselves.

For them to know not everyone judges. “