I am sitting here reading through the transcripts from some of the interviews so far.  I can hear the women’s voices in my head as I look at their words, the emotions running high at times.

All the women have control over their words – they will choose what, if anything, we share in the future so I cant give too  much detail in this post.  What strikes me though is the common themes running through the interviews, no matter what setting the women were involved in.  Whether that is  street prostitution, in brothels, in saunas, in their own flats.

All women have experienced violence and lived with the fear of it happening again.  They have seen or heard it happening to other women in saunas and brothels – the supposed safer settings.  They know it could happen to them and other women again.

All women talk about control – the need to feel they were in control or how men in their lives controlled them.  They talk about choice and what this meant to them throughout their time in prostitution.   They talk about how much their choices can be limited and eroded with boundaries pushed or disrespected.

They also talk of hope and a desire for a better future.  .  They talk about dreams and wishes – For them and for their kids if they have any.

They all talk of a life outside of the sex industry.


Silver Threads of Promise