It was an early start to head off to Dundee to interview women on Tuesday.  There is something lovely about being one of the few people around at that hour of the morning.


I spent the day having recorded conversations with 3 women.  All so very different and all have been involve din different parts of the sex industry in Scotland.  It was a privilege to be allowed into that part of their lives.

The women all agreed to be there, wanted to be there and we spent time going thoirgh what the Inside Outside Project was, what their stories would be used for and who might see them.  For all women their anonymity was a key concern and we looked at all the ways we would protect that for them.

I cant share too much of what we talked about, as they have to consent to what, if any, of their stories they ant to be shared but ….. it was incredibly powerful stuff.  A real insight into their realities inside the sex industry.

All the women said they were glad they had taken part, they felt good at the end and were pleased (and surprised) that people would want to hear what they had to say.

We are excited to be able to work with the women to find out they can now creatively share their stories….. we hope you will be too. wp_20161025_07_00_29_pro