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the sex industry in Scotland

Inside Outside – we have lift off!

The project has started….  Different services from the Encompass Network (  have been in touch saying that they have spoken with women and some are keen to take part in the Inside Outside project.  A lot of meetings and alot of coffee being consumed  up to now ( and no doubt much more to come!)

The next stage is to line up the 1-1 interviews with the women as well as planning the workshops. It will be a busy few months ahead but so exciting to meet the women, hear their stories and support them in telling these through photos.

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Is it just me?


Do men actually see us as women or just a piece of meat they can pound for however long they have booked?!


Even within my personal life when the mask is off I still ask myself this question. Do men see me as a real person or do they see me as a piece of ass, a conquest, the next notch on their bed post?!

Is it just me or do others think the same? I’m starting to believe my journey through life had warped my mind… what does my future hold for me? Am I forever going to think like this… that men are no good, all they are out to do is cheat and drop you when something better comes along.

I know I’m a strong assertive independent woman but when do I let the walls down, even a little and let someone get close enough to know the real me,  I always believe there is a hidden agenda. Maybe I judge a man too brutally just from my experiences with others in the past? Paranoia is crippling.

This is a journey that I carry on with and slowly start to figure out who is worth my time and loyalty.


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hello old friends

It’s been a while.  Have you missed us?

It may seem as if we have been very quiet of late and yep, in this blog we have.  There are about 7 draft blog posts waiting to be finished and posted and they will be.  One day very soon.

We have been trying to catch our breath, regroup and refocus for the year ahead.  I have the main evaluation report squawking at me everyday to finish it.  there is so much to capture and share that it is proving a more mammoth task than I planned.  I need a few days locked away in a quiet room or a drafty attic to give it the focus it needs.

We have been busy though – following up on all the requests to meet and talk through the exhibitions and getting he plans and calendar sorted for taking the women’s work and voices out there.

We will be back with you very soon.  Promise……………………………

Where next?

Anyone recognise this space?

Doesn’t it look like a nice staircase and open view?

Wouldn’t you like to see the women’s work displayed there?


We would and hopefully we will early next year…………………………………………







Stephanie and Katy’s stories

Some people who joined us at #insideoutsidestrathclyde were asking where they could watch 2 of the short films we were screening – you can access Stephanie and Katy’s stories  here!




“There’s no really a typical punter, you know what I mean? It spans from young boys right up to old men. It doesnae matter if you’re poor, working class or rich. It’s from all spectrums from everywhere. It’s your father to your brother to your husband.

Your average money would be about £20-25, usually for oral sex. They would pick you up, you would go somewhere that you were probably familiar with and where you wouldnae get caught by the police.

Not that you felt safe! You just didn’t get caught by the police.

You also got men who are coming out of pubs and whatnot and you would go to alleys or the river, places like that. A lot of them when you get in the car they’ll no want to discuss it there but discuss it when you’re away from the city centre. They’d usually take you to industrial estates late on at night, that was the most popular. Quite isolated roads, empty car parks… that was the most common places you would go. You would go there, do what you had to do and then hopefully you would get a run back.

You’ve no got transport to go back so you have to kinda accept whatever money they’re actually gonna give you. Once you accept that money you’re really theirs to do whatever they like with you. You’re kind of caught because you can’t just leave. Even though you’ve done it, you still have to please them to actually get back to where they picked you up from. Sometimes you wouldnae get a run back and they would ask you to leave or start trying to fight with you. Then you had to walk back.

I never had any regulars because I couldnae put my whole soul into it. I couldnae do it.”





Only bit of Kindness


(image by Cathy Weir 2016)

“When I was about 21, I still looked very young and one man took me out and he says “You’re far too young” and actually drove me back. That was the only ever bit of kindness I was ever shown out on the streets. That was it. Nothing else ever happened that was nice or anything like that.

I would make it against the law right across the board because as I say there’s no good in it.

Everything is a negative. I would eradicate it.”


ioborders logo

Talks, plans and discussions are underway for the Inside Outside “Tour”

The more people see the exhibition and the women’s works – the more people want to support them through hosting the exhibition in their local area.  We have a growing calendar, ever evolving.

This is actually what we want – the chance for more and people to see and hear from Natasha, Levi, Wendy, Katie, Natalia, Sarah jane and Joanne.  As ever, we are grateful to them for what they have done and continue to do.



Cut in half

hjoanne cut of waist

(image by Cathy Weir 2016)

“The punters, they don’t see the women as people.

I think if you were kinda cut off from your waist I don’t think it wouldnae really make a different. You’re a thing. You’re no a human being.”





“People say about legalising it. If that did happen, that’s okay for aw the fucking students but what aboot the people that are on drugs and that?

We’re no going to get into them brothels and so it’s still going to be like for the high class and the low class. Making it all legal won’t change that.”

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